Our Causes

20 Clean Water Wells

The Armor of Hope Foundation is always looking for new and innovative ways to provide fresh water to those in need. We aim to build clean water wells that can provide the poor with a steady source of drinking and cooking water, as well as saving lives from polluted waters!

5 Medical Clinics

The Armor of Hope Foundation has the vision to bring medical care and hope for those who cannot afford it. We are committed to helping the world’s poorest people by providing health clinics in their communities with volunteer doctors, nurses, and other caregivers.

5 Schools

The Armor of Hope Foundation is using education to advocate for impoverished communities. We are building schools in need so that students can have the opportunity to learn and prosper.

5 Social Centers

In a future where people are often struggling to survive, the Armor of Hope Foundation is seeking to create “Hope Centers” and provide refuge for urban communities. These centers will offer services like job training, English classes, and computer labs on-site in order to make their residents more employable while also connecting them with social networks that can help get them back on their feet.