Make a Difference

We partner with organizations that provide services and programs that provide resources and care for vulnerable children. When choosing our partner organizations, we evaluate them for fit as far as matching our goals and look for charities that are financially efficient. We define financially efficient as those charities who spend less money to raise more. We evaluate if their administrative costs are kept within reasonable limits and that they devote at least 80% of their spending to the programs and services they exist to provide for. We base our evaluations on the financial information each charity provides in its informational tax returns, or IRS Forms 990.

Our analysis methodology:

Assessing financial efficiency reveals day to day financial management capability. We look for charities that are financially efficient and measure this using three metrics compared to total expenses spent on services and programs. These metrics include program, administrative, and fundraising expenses. We calculate a charity’s financial efficiency by reviewing how much it spends in administrative, program, and fundraising expenses to deliver each $1 raised for its programs and services. In other words, we divide a charity’s total administrative, program, and fundraising expenses by the total amount its spends on its services and programs.

Please check out our Partners page to see a current list of charities that we support.

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